Alfa Romeo 159 Dashboard Light Symbols

Alfa Romeo 159

Dashboard warnings on your Alfa Romeo 159 depend on the Alfa Romeo Problem. It could be an indicator light for ABS, airbag, engine light or something else. There are many reasons why the dashboard shows warning lights and below is a list of the lights on the dashboard.

Alfa Romeo 159 Dashboard Light Symbols

A Alfa Romeo 159 Speedometer (speed indicator)
B Alfa Romeo 159 Warning lights
C Alfa Romeo 159 Rev counter
D Alfa Romeo 159 Multifunction display
Alfa Romeo 159 Check Engine warning light – this is the check engine malfunction indicator lamp in your Alfa 159, it will illuminated when there is a fault in the system which needs to be looked at. Generally the fault will be cause because of a broken sensor such as an O2, camshaft, crankshaft, MAF, MAP sensor etc, or it could be an ignition coil failure.

Alfa Romeo 159 Airbag warning light – If the airbag malfunction symbol is illuminated in your Alfa Romeo 159 it means there is a serious fault in this system and needs to be diagnosed as soon as possible. If this is illuminated, it means the airbag system is not active which could be dangerous should the vehicle be involved in an accident.

Alfa Romeo 159 ABS warning light – the ABS symbol will illuminate in your Alfa Romeo 159 if there is a fault within the system. Generally the warning light is caused by a faulty ABS sensor which is cheap enough to replace, however it could get expensive if you need to change over a faulty ABS module or ABS pump.

Alfa Romeo 159 Brake ! warning light – the brake or (!) warning symbol will illuminate if either the handbrake is in the ON position. If you are satisfied that the handbrake is in the OFF position, yet the warning light is still illuminate, you should check the brake fluid level and top up accordingly.

Alfa Romeo 159 Water in Fuel Filter warning light – this symbol means that water has mixed into the fuel filter and needs to be removed. Have it checked out and fixed as soon as possible.

Alfa Romeo 159 Traction warning light – you might see this warning symbol illuminate if you are driving over surfaces such as ice, snow or gravel type roads. It will generally turn off automatically when correct traction on the road is gained. If the warning light remans on when driving in normal conditions you can diagnose the fault .

Alfa Romeo 159 Tyre Pressure warning light – this is the tyre pressure warning symbol which will turn on when one or more tyres is not inflated correctly. Check your tyres and pump up accordingly if this symbol illuminates.

Alfa Romeo 159 STOP bulb warning light – indicates that a brake light buld needs to be replaced.

Alfa Romeo 159 Steering Lock warning light – warning light (where provided) coming on (on certain versions a message is dis-played) indicates car protecting system failure: i

Alfa Romeo 159 passenger airbag warning light – this symbol will illuminate when the front passenger airbag has been deactivated to allow a child or baby seat to be installed.

Alfa Romeo 159 parking sensor fault – indicates that one of the parking sensors has a fault.

Alfa Romeo 159 Hill Hold warning light – indicates a fault in the system and it will not be working properly.

Alfa Romeo 159 Glow Plugs Pre Heating warning light – this glow plug warning symbol will only be found in diesel Alfa Romeo cars. This symbol will illuminate when first turning on the ignition, but should go out after a few seconds. It is only safe to start your engine when this light has turned off, it is worth noting that it might take a few extra seconds during cold starts for the glow plug light to turn off. If your glow plug lights are illuminated when driving, or it will not turn off at all you should have it checked out.

Alfa Romeo 159 Engine Oil Temperature warning light – indicates that the engine oil temperature is too high. You should pull over as soon as possible to let the engine cool down. You can continue with your journey when the light no longer stays on.

Alfa Romeo 159 Oil Level warning light – oil level warnign symbol will illuminate when the oil level is too low. Check your oil levels and top up accordingly.

Alfa Romeo 159 Oil warning light – if this light stays on it indicates that the engine oil pressure is too low. If it flashes it means that the oil is exhaisted and needs to be changed.

Alfa Romeo 159 Engine Coolant Temperature warning light – engine coolant temperature too high warning symbol will turn on in this case. You should pull over and not drive any further to prevent any engine damage. You can also check for leaks as the expansion tank is prone to cracking. Do NOT unscrew the expansion tank cap until the engine has completely cooled down.

Alfa Romeo 159 DPF warning light – applicable to Alfa Romeo 159 diesel cars only. This will illuminate when the diesel particulate filter becomes blocked and needs to be cleared or a regenration needs to occur. The light will stay on during regeneration.

Alfa Romeo 159 Brake Pad warning light – the brake pad warning symbol will light up when your brake pads are in need of attention. They should be changed as soon as possible to prevent any damage to the brake discs.


Alfa Romeo 159 ABS & ! BRAKE warning light – see the ABS section, if your ABS light is illuminated, the chances are that the (!) warning symbol will also light up on your Alfa 159 dashboard.

Alfa Romeo 159 Alarm warning light – failure in alarm system.